engineering solutions for your industrial problems
Our engineering offer in a few figures:

40 000 hours spent in 2020
Over 60 projects completed in 2020
Projects ranging from 10 000 € to 1 000 000 €
40 people dedicated to managing your industrial projects

We design, manage and carry out your industrial projects

In a world of changing markets and regulations, understanding needs and the relevance of solutions are the keys to productivity.

We supports its customers from the design phase (audit, performance measures and inventory, specification of requirements, drafting specifications, technical studies, purchasing, etc.) and throughout the life-cycle of their project, including the construction phase (assembly, installation, commissioning, mechanical integration, etc.), transfer and maintenance. This organisation, grounded in a flawless knowledge of the customer and their project, ensures improved coordination and guarantees that deadline will be met.

Our greatest asset: mastery of training and automation

Our work on your projects includes:

  • automation
  • digital controls
  • electronic variable speed drives
  • motion control
  • electrical engineering

Our remit

Design: Our design office produces customised solutions that are tailored to your needs and your production process.

  • Functional analysis and design of cabinets and desks
  • Production of Man-Machine Interfaces
  • Custom parts programming

Integrate: Our experts integrate the project developed by the design office on site, in compliance with the schedules and safety standards in force.

  • Production of controls, drive and power equipment
  • Workshop preparation and testing (test platform)
  • On-site installation, commissioning and optimisation
  • Operator training and maintenance

Maintain: Our teams provide 24/7 operation of your facilities.

  • Experts and stocks throughout France
  • Large stock of variable speed drives, servo-motors and digital controls.

Our know-how is organised around 2 main areas of expertise:

Automation, System and Process

Axis management: Synchronisation; Positioning; Linear or rotary axis

Drives: High-power drives, AC and DC, network re-injections, DC bus power source, filters and chokes, Harmonics, EMC Expertise

Machine automatisation: Programmable logic controller; Digital control; Network and Field bus; safety networks; digital twins and production cycle optimization

Machine retrofitting: Full retrofit: Digital control, motorisation, man-machine interface; Mechanics, Design and Adaptation; Transfer and Implantation; Machine compliance support

Process control: Supervision; Command control; Production management, flow management and performance indicators; Traceability and Monitoring; Industrial IT and Database, Cloud and security

Regulation and Instrumentation: Selection and placement of sensors; Calibration; Instrument loop setting; Atex areas

Industrial Electricity

Electrical engineering: Study and Calculation; Definition of materials; CAD drawing; Project management

HT and BT equipment: High-voltage cell; Transformer; Low-Voltage Master Distribution Board; Shelters equipment;

Control equipment: Relay integration; Digital control – Logic Controller integration

Power Machinery: Integrating variable speed drives; Integrating starters; Integrating voltage controllers; Smart motor starters and Power output

Intervention and on-site service: Troubleshooting and Standby; Machine cabling and Inter-link cabling; Factory shutdown and scheduled shutdown operations

A Complete Offer

  • Advice

  • Engineering
  • Digital Transition

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